About Adam-i

Established in 2012, Adam-i Ventures Co., Ltd. (Adam-i) stands as a distinguished consultancy firm renowned for its expertise in delivering comprehensive business consulting services and crafting Digital Transformation (DX) roadmaps. Our mission revolves around optimizing organizational performance and fostering competitive advantages.

With a focal point on business expansion, we extend a holistic spectrum of consulting and advisory solutions to Japanese enterprises. Our services encompass business setup, expansion, development, market research, and more. We are dedicated to guiding Japanese companies as they venture into emerging markets, uncovering untapped business potentials.

Beyond Japan's borders, Adam-i's offerings resonate, acting as a bridge connecting our clients with potential investors and unexplored avenues for growth. Our commitment is firmly rooted in facilitating business expansion across diverse regions and industries.

Since our inception, we've facilitated multinational enterprises in over ten countries across Southeast Asia and South Asia. We've propelled business setups, expansions, market penetrations, and market research for a multitude of clients.

Our diverse portfolio of consulting and advisory services equips us to deliver bespoke solutions, catering to opportunities within Japan and on the global stage.

Our core strengths encompass:

At Adam-i, our journey is one of empowering businesses to thrive and innovate, both locally and on the international spectrum.

Our Milestones

Our Vision

To be the driving force behind transformative strategies and digital innovations that shape industries and empower organizations for a future of boundless possibilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide organizations through strategic metamorphosis and digital evolution. With a blend of strategic insight and technological expertise, we enable our clients to thrive in a dynamic landscape. Through unwavering collaboration and visionary guidance, we help them navigate change, unleash innovation, and achieve enduring success.

Our Values

Committed to excellence, we consistently deliver exceptional services that inspire transformation and set new industry benchmarks.

With a global perspective, we leverage insights from diverse cultures and markets to shape strategies that resonate universally.

We embrace innovation as a driving force, continuously seeking creative solutions that redefine possibilities in emerging markets.

Through collaborative partnerships, we unite diverse perspectives to generate impactful strategies and foster digital innovation.

Empowering businesses and individuals in emerging markets is our passion, enabling them to harness the full potential of digital innovation.

We advocate for sustainable practices, crafting strategies that not only drive immediate impact but also contribute to long-term growth.

We embody a culture of lifelong learning, staying ahead of industry trends to provide the most relevant and forward-thinking solutions.

Our Offices

Adam-i operates fully fledged offices in Japan (head office), Sri Lanka, India, and Nigeria. We also have a network of global affiliates.