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Thank you for attending ” Regional IT Seminar” !

Thank you for attending ” Regional IT Seminar” !

1st regional IT seminar was held successfully with 15 participants including restaurant and hotel managers in Minamiuonuma area. We appreciate for all participants once again.

in the seminar, Mr. Jay who is the vice president of IUJ explained about how IT is utilized in the global environment and how to use IT from a local perspective. After we introduced the technology of the global IT park companies, we introduced the multilingual menu web application “E menu” which is actually used in restaurants.

We received good responses from participants such as “I could learn about a new knowledge” and “I could know that there are 7 companies in global IT Park and what I can do with them.”. 

We hope that we can contribute to the growth of the local business by utilizing IT.

See you at the next local seminar!!