Adam Innovations completed 2022 JICA summer internship program recently.

Adam Innovations completed 2022 JICA summer internship program recently. Ten international graduate students from top Japanese Universities attended this internship program. The program was sponsored by JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency ).The internship was divided into two batches. Each batch spent two weeks of internship at Global IT Park Minamiuonuma. During these two weeks, students spent their time on various activities […]

International Human Resources Fair Niigata 2022

Adam-i participated International Human Resources Fair 2022 held at Toki Messe Niigata on 15th May 2022.There are 16 companies were participated in the event including Adam-i. Students from Niigata University, Nagaoka University of Technology, International University of Japan, Jigyō sōzō daigakuin daigaku and several other universities visited Adam-i booth to discuss their internships and job opportunities.

Selected for the government project “Visionary Management 2021”

〜As a company that engages in a new management approach that is not limited by nationality, we are committed toPromoting the Employment of Highly Skilled Foreign IT Personnel Adam Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a target company for the government project “Visionary Management 2021” promoted by the Cabinet Cyber Security Center (NISC), Cabinet […]

Executive members of Ryoki Kogyo Co., Ltd Visited Global IT Park

Executive members of Ryoki Kogyo Co., Ltd, a leading construction and energy management company in Kanazawa visited Global IT Park on 1st December 2021. The main objective of the visit is to establish a strategic partnership with Adam Innovations and Global IT Park members. Adam Innovations plan to provide research, consulting, and product development support for Ryoki Kogyo Co., Ltd […]

GITP 5th Anniversary Debriefing Session

Global IT Park recently celebrated its 5th Year of excellence. Adam Innovations together with 3 other founding members (Prefectural government, City Council, and the International University of Japan) started Global IT Park to revitalize Niigata.At the anniversary event, Adam Innovations President Mr. Kaushal Wawlagala explained the progress Global IT Park has made in the last 5 years. Adam Innovations also […]

Discussion with Global IT Park Minami Uonuma City Council member

Global IT Park started in 2016 as a regional revitalization project. Four members, Niigata Prefectural Government, Minamiuonuma City, International University and Adam Innovations Co., Ltd initiate Japan’s first Digital Innovation platform to support Japanese companies’ Digital Innovation. It also aims to attract youth to Minamiuonuma City.5th December Global IT Park had a strategy meeting with City Council Members to explain […]